Tax Lien Certificates in Hawaii

Ted Thomas is a best selling author and publisher and is best known as America’s Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Authority. Thomas is the go-to guy when people want a predictable certain, and secure investment.

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Hawaii Tax Lien Certificate

Tax certificates are an easy, solid investment that can help you obtain larger, more secure returns.

Hawaii is a tax deed-only state, meaning that no tax lien certificate sales are available. Hawaii has a 12% interest rate on all deeds, which can be redeemed within one year. This is not true in all cases, however: other redemption periods vary depending on the county, how deed sales are conducted, and purchasing rules. Like most other states, sales are carried out on a competitive basis in each county (although Kalawao lets the state handle its sales).

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A Startup Guide for Hawaii Tax Deeds

If you’re wondering how to take advantage of such a great opportunity, you’ve come to the right place! Ted Thomas is a best-selling author and the country’s authority on tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

If you’ve been watching traditional investments over the past few years, you’ve seen them ride a rollercoaster up and down. Is that any way to make the money you need to comfortably retire or multiply your wealth? Of course not! That’s why Ted wrote a FREE eBook for wise investors just like you: predictable, secure, and yet highly-profitable returns.

Thomas’ 57-page startup guide gives you the steps that place you on the road to financial prosperity. You can invest your money directly with the government; no bankers or middlemen are there to stand in your way. Plus, even if you’re not heavy on the experience scale that’s ok! You can start with small investments (sometimes as little at $50!).

Counties sell tax certificates to collect past due delinquent property taxes. You can be a part of this fully authorized and official process if you simply attend an auction and successfully bid for a tax lien certificate. You can expect a 100% return of your investment capital. Worst case scenario: the property becomes yours if the owner fails to pay their taxes.

It’s a win-win situation, and Ted wants you become a part of a successful movement that’s sweeping the nation in the middle of an economic downturn. Take advantage of Thomas’ free eBook and you can be rewarded with one of the safest investments vehicles in America today! Just fill out your name and email address here to get started.